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A. Abstract

1. Who –
Prototyping the City: Design Studio is a workshop organized by the Torino World Design Capital, the Architectural Association, the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation at Columbia University and the Politecnico di Torino within the context of the summer school Designing Connected Places. It will take place both in Torino and in the ex-royal residence of Pollenzo. It will be conceived as an intensive collaborative section between 35 students from all over the world and will be realized with the support of Denaldi Legnami.

2. What -
The task is to design and construct an installation that will be used as the Torino information desk of the six workshops of the summer school Designing Connected Places that will be held in Pollenzo. Students will design and construct the information desk by using advanced computational techniques and fabrication processes.
3. How -
Prototyping the City aims to explore the potential of prototyping as a creative instrument in the production of the contemporary city. The two-week design workshop will focus on the design and development of a 1:1 architectural prototype that will be exhibited as part of the international summer school Designing Connected Places in Torino.
4. Why -
The concept of a design prototype is traditionally linked to industrial design and related manufacturing fields. Architecture has traditionally lacked the forms of serial production and mass production whereby prototyping sensibilities have evolved in related design fields. In modern times, new architectural ideas have frequently been developed and then tested in relationship to an idea of an architectural type.
The idea of an architectural type is today undergoing a radical redefinition owing to the obsolescence of historical models which are being radically reconfigured by new urban conditions, lifestyles, economic transformation and technological innovation. Prototyping has gained an invigorated architectural relevance and prominence in contemporary architectural culture, education and debate. This resurgence of architectural type and contemporary architectural prototyping will serve as the context of this design workshop.
5. When –
Starting 14 July, Ending july 26 2008
Starting july 10th ending october 12 2008
6. Where -
From 28 June to 12 October, there will be two major exhibitions in Torino, in two abandoned buildings very close to each other and next door to the Politecnico di Torino main building: the former prison “Le Nuove” and the “Officine Grandi Riparazioni delle Strade Ferrate”. It is an area of the city that has been abandoned for a few years and that will be reborn as an exhibit pole during these months. The exhibits will take place at once and there will be a unique ticket for the visits.
Flexibility is a design exhibit organized by Torino 2008 World Design Capital that will take place in the ex-Carceri Le Nuove in Torino. The curator is Guta Moura Guedes. “Labyrinths of roads, agglomerations of buildings, mazes of relations. In 2050 over 90% of the world's population will live in cities, places that already today are characterised by growing complexity. The urban panorama is a system of close-knit connections between material objects and immaterial factors produced by man. An often chaotic space, that conditions, restrains and sometimes paralyses movement, considerably reducing the space for manoeuvre of individuals.
Too often, in fact, the structure and products used every day are characterised by rigidity and poor adaptability.
In this scenario, flexibility becomes a need and a response at the same time. Flexibility as a need to break down walls, to leave well-trodden paths, to step away from pre-packaged solutions.”

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